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Gevo Inc.

Leading the Change to Low Carbon Fuels & Chemicals.

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Gevo is a leading renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company dedicated to delivering low carbon sustainable fuels and chemicals. CO2, THE greenhouse gas is our renewable carbon source.


June, 2017


Gevo Inc.


Renewable Fuels & Chemicals

The Challenge

The challenge presented to our team was to create a forward facing platform for a publicly traded company that allowed visitors to understand very complex processes in easy to understand language using imagery and copy to convey the proper message. The client was suffering from a lack of engagement from not only potential investors, but the public at large.

The Solution

Our approach was to create a platform that helped explain how the client was taking a common farming bi-product and creating a sustainable, renewable, advanced biofuel. Using related topics and imagery, the client is able to now effectively communicate its high level concepts with the public and investors looking to make a difference in the world.


After launch, the client was very happy with the platform and concise messaging. Re-engaging with their investors, and clearly communicating brand messaging helped stock prices rise, and site traffic grow. The company is experiencing positive growth and effective, consistent brand offerings aligning with company values.

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