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What can SME do for you? Pretty much anything you can imagine that will expand your social media presence and increase its impact.


June, 2016


Social Media Energy


Social Media Management

The Challenge

In an ever changing social media landscape, the client suffered from a platform that lacked the modern presence that is necessary to compete in this highly competitive space. Driven with modern imagery and graphics, the client needed to put its best foot forward to grow and scale.

The Solution

The approach was to create a modern design that incorporated updated brand messaging, photography, and graphics that truly represented the brand. Updated client lists, strategy, and analytics are the backbone of the client’s work and necessitated its presence and incorporation.


Following the new website launch, Social Media Energy saw a tremendous internal growth. Scaling for the future, expanding staff, and landing larger clients was just the beginning.
Incorporating foundational SEO strategy and external link building, Social Media Energy was able to climb the Google ladder for targeted keywords landing them on the home page for several key search terms. The site saw a 60 % growth in traffic year over year and continues to grow!

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