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Denver Clone Store

Denver’s Leader in Cannabis Genetics

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Denver Clone Store is Denver’s premier Cannabis Clone and seedling dispensary, specialize in high quality strains, natural practices and community. Denver Clone Store is local owned and operated with two locations in the Denver Metro Area.


June, 2016


Denver Clone Store


Cannabis Clone Specialist

The Challenge

Denver Clone Store approached our team with the challenge to create an engaging platform in a highly competitive and growing industry. The client necessitated the showcasing of its high quality clones and a visually stimulating site that attracted new potential customers on the retail and wholesale levels.

The Solution

The approach was to create a modern site that was image driven while still communicating the appropriate messaging to attract new customers. Our design team concentrated on fresh, high quality photography that truly stood out from the competition. The client also necessitated easy to find location information as well as clear dissemination between the 3 verticals of recreational, medical, and c wholesale clone sales.


After launch, and our initial SEO campaign, Denver Clone Store saw a substantial growth in sales, traffic, and keyword rankings. Site traffic grew by over 65 % year over year. SEO keyword targeting and foundational site structure, helped Denver Clone Store command relevant keywords across the industry, ranking on the home page for nearly 15 key terms in a highly competitive market.

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