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Cultivated Synergy

Co-Working Community & Event Space

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Cultivated Synergy is more than just a workspace. It’s a dynamic community of friendly, creative, and experienced individuals. We work side-by-side with our members to extend our knowledge and help accelerate their businesses.


March, 2018


Cultivated Synergy


Co-working Community & Event Space

The Challenge

The challenge that was presented by this client was extremely unique in that they are both a co-working space and an event space all rolled into one! They necessitated 2 separate experiences for one location while still maintaining a sense of brand cohesion that catered to both potential clients and customers.

The Solution

Our approach was to create a multi site that facilitated the clients needs to silo individualized experiences for both the co-working community and event space aspects of the model. We created a visually appealing site for each that maintained the same URL utilizing sub directories to unify the experience.

Co-Working Community

Event Space


After launch, traffic increased dramatically! The multi site platform was exactly what Cultivated Synergy necessitated in keeping one URL but have 2 very different experiences, each with its own unique style and feel.

The co-working space feels corporate and sophisticated, while the events space feels much softer and appeals to a wider community of potential clients.

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