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Gofire Inc.

A branded eCommerce platform and innovative health suite for the alternative health care industry.

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The GoFire community is designed to help you understand how plant-based medicine fits into your life.


June, 2016




Alternative Health Suite

The Challenge

The challenge was capturing their collaborative ethos by creating these individual touchpoints in a way that felt and behaved like a cohesive system. Part of that was designing and building a website to accommodate the virtual community.

The Solution

Our approach was to present the site as a visually stimulating platform with a focus on community growth. Our design team worked closely with the client to develop serval vertical integration to aid and assist in that growth. 

App Design

Photography & Media


Since its inception, the GoFire brand has continued to grow leaps and bounds. Engaging with its community, scaling internally, and reach new markets, the brand is growing everyday.

We are proud to say we have been there every step of the way to aid GoFire in a multitude of different avenues from design, to implementation, ad creation, landing pages, and beyond. GoFire continues to gain traction in the alternative health space and we can’t wait to see where the company goes from here. The sky’s the limit!

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